BMW Reveals Electric Sportbike

BMW Motorrad, the motorcycle unit of luxury-vehicle maker BMW AG, entered the electric-superbike fray by unveiling an experimental electric motorcycle called the eRR. The bike, which is based on the company’s long-running supersport model the S 1000 RR, has an all-electric drive system and is part of BMW’s broad program to develop new zero-emissions vehicles.


While the bike, a project between BMW and the Technical University of Munich, is strictly a concept now, it is easy to picture it as a production vehicle competing with speedy machines from exotic outfits like Mission Motors, Lightning and Energica to more consumer-oriented makers like Zero.

BMW C Evolution scooter

It seems like BMW is late to the high-performance-bike party, but for years it has been working on electric drive systems for a range of vehicles including cars like the i3 and the C Evolution scooter.

The company said it will reveal more technical details of the bike later but did not pin down a date.



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