Honda To Reveal New Fuel-Cell Sedan in Los Angeles

Honda plans to unveil a redesigned version of its FCX Clarity fuel-cell vehicle next week during the Los Angeles Auto Show. The Clarity, a five-passenger sedan about the same size as an Acura TLX, serves as the spearhead of the company’s green-vehicle program, or at least as its halo car.

The first-generation Clarity made its debut at the Los Angeles show eight years ago and has been leased to dozens of customers since then (you can’t buy one). However the car hasn’t caught on like electric models from Tesla or hybrids like Toyota’s Prius, in part because the hydrogen fueling infrastructure is, well, largely nonexistent from an everyday driver’s point of view.

Honda FCX Clarity
The first-generation FCX Clarity looks like an enlarged Honda Insight.

The latest Clarity has a range of more than 300 miles, which  is about 60 miles farther than the previous model. It can also be refueled in about three minutes – a big advantage over slow-charging electric cars. Still, the lack of nearby places to fuel up is likely to damp enthusiasm for the cars.

Honda said it will launch the Clarity in the U.S. next year.


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