Honda Recalling Nearly 304,000 Accords for Faulty Side Airbags

Slamming car doors is a bad practice (though perhaps oddly satisfying at times) and now we have one more reason to think twice before doing so.

Honda said it will recall 303,904 Accord cars in the U.S. to correct a flaw that could cause the vehicles’ side or side-curtain airbags to deploy if a door is “forcefully slammed” or an object strikes the car’s underside while the ignition is turned on. The bags are not designed to inflate in such situations.

A 2008 Honda Accord sedan.

The recall affects cars from the 2008 and 2009 model years, which are not part of the much larger recall of Takata airbags begun earlier this year. The widely reported Takata case, which involves more than 30 million vehicles including more than five million Hondas, affected Accords built in the 2001 to 2007 model years.

Honda said it has received 19 injury claims related to the problem, which it plans to fix with a software update that will adjust the threshold at which the bags inflate. Customers should begin receiving recall notices in mid-December but can find out if their vehicles are included by checking on or calling 888-234-2138.



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